Stromatica FAQ

What is Stromatica?

We founded Stromatica to bring the like-minded, the supportive and the curious together for unique, curated, high-value productions that encourage people to connect, play and learn. Led by Casey Strom, CEO of ABUnivese and chairperson of the board of directors for Hopeline, a suicide prevention network, Stromatica is a team of experienced individuals who have been involved in and helped deliver some of the world’s largest and longest established fetish events.

Who else is on the Stromatica leadership team?

Stromatica’s leadership team is made up of community members from all backgrounds. Many of our all-volunteer leadership team have worked to help produce conventions in the AB/DL space, while others have worked to drive experiences for large organizations and nonprofits in many sectors. Each member of our team is a member of the ABDL and kink community and is fully passionate about producing safe, inclusive, and dynamic experiences for everyone. You can read their bios here.

What is the first event Stromatica is planning?

Stromatica is producing a new ABDL-focused event that we hope to launch Fall 2023. While we are in the early planning phases, we have already started reaching out to venues across the United States. We know we want our event to be accessible to our community, close to major transportation hubs, and as affordable as possible. We are also evaluating locations that can stand the test of time and where we can continue to build relationships in the local community. A name, official date, and location will come at a later time.

What else will Stromatica do?

While our foundation is deep within the AgePlay community, our ambitions are much higher. We see a clear space for premium, experience-led events that bring together different communities in exciting ways. Our goal is for people to connect while having an excellent time, learn new things, and play in new ways.

Is the Stromatica team hiring? How can I join?

Stromatica’s leadership team is an all-volunteer team and we are always looking for new volunteers to help launch and lead our newest experiences, classes and projects. Check out a list of current openings here or drop your resume and skills. If we think you’re a good match, we’ll send you a note.

How can I keep in touch?

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] and someone will get back to you. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on all announcements.

LegacyVoucher FAQ

What is a LegacyVoucher?

Everyone who purchased a ticket to TeddyCon 2020 or 2021 will receive a LegacyVoucher worth $120, the value of one TeddyCon Ticket.

When TeddyCon folded in 2022, Stromatica agreed to acquire their registration list, furniture, and other items. During this process we assumed their participant/customer data in a manner to safeguard & protect their private information. Using this information we will be allowing those who purchased tickets to TeddyCon 2020/2021 to apply that credit towards admission for our upcoming events.

Can I get a refund for my TeddyCon Ticket?

No. TeddyCon dissolved as an organization. Stromatica is a new, completely independent company with no past or present association with TeddyCon. As a new company, Stromatica is unable to give any type of refund to previous ticket holders.

Why is Stromatica offering LegacyVouchers but not refunds?

We understand how frustrating this can be for TeddyCon ticket holders to have had their convention canceled and then dissolved. There were no workable ways to rescue an event that had taken several hard knocks due to cancellations and loss of income through the pandemic. In short, the situation for TeddyCon was terminal. Casey Strom, when forming Stromatica, decided to offer LegacyVoucher because he wanted to give back to the community in a positive way. As a new company, Stromatica is unable to give any type of refund to previous ticket holders. 

What is the value of a LegacyVoucher?

Each LegacyVoucher is worth $120, the original value of a TeddyCon Ticket. The total value of a LegacyVoucher can be redeemed towards a ticket at Stromatica’s first or second event. 

Does Stromatica have my data?

If you attended TeddyCon, most likely yes. That would include your registration information and the amount you paid to purchase a ticket.

I would like Stromatica to delete my data.

If you are NOT interested in Stromatica, nor taking up our offer of a LegacyVoucher, please click here to delete my data and complete the provided form. This is a one-time decision. We will erase your data from our records. Once completed there will be no way for us to verify you are a valid TeddyCon ticket holder and we will not be able to extend the transfer of the face value of your TeddyCon ticket toward a LegacyVoucher. This decision is full separation between you and us and cannot be undone.