Welcome to Stromatica!

We are pleased to formally announce the creation of Stromatica, an organization designed to bring the like-minded, the supportive, and the curious together for unique, curated, high-value productions that encourage people to connect, play, and learn. Led by Casey Strom, who many of you might know as the CEO of ABUniverse, Stromatica is made up of a team of experienced individuals who have been involved in and helped deliver some of the world’s largest and longest established fetish events.

As a new organization, we know it’s critical we earn your trust. That is why we – from day one – promise to always be honest, inclusive, and accountable. This promise will guide us as we create events, workshops and experiences together.

Stromatica is producing a new ABDL-focused event that will launch in Fall 2023. While we cannot say too much yet, we want to update you on some of the work we have done behind the scenes and discuss how you can get involved.

A Few Fun Details:

Who: Stromatica is made up of community members from all backgrounds. While Casey is the CEO of ABU, Stromatica is not ABU. Many of our all-volunteer leadership team have worked to help produce conventions and events in the AB/DL space, while others have worked to drive experiences and events for large organizations and nonprofits in many sectors. Each and every member of our team is a member of the ABDL and kink community and fully passionate about producing a safe, inclusive, and dynamic event we know you’ll enjoy.

What: Stromatica’s first event will be a full, multi-day hotel takeover.

Where: We’re exploring several locations all across the United States. We know location matters which is why we are taking our time to ensure several factors. One of the most important is cost efficiency (for both you and Stromatica). We’ve all seen the cost of goods and services rise across the nation and we want to make sure we hit the right mark. We also want to make sure the event is not difficult to travel to, complies with our high standards for accessibility and inclusion, and meets the needs of our diverse community.

When: Our goal is to launch our hotel takeover in Fall 2023. We know that feels like a long time away, but our team is working quickly to scout locations, consult with experts, and ensure everything is perfect for launch.

Privacy Is Important!

When Stromatica was founded, we acquired the data of past attendees from TeddyCon. Part of the handover of this data was to ensure no one untrustworthy could gain access to your data and to ensure the data could be stored securely. Everyone who bought tickets for TeddyCon 2020 or 2021 will receive a LegacyVoucher valued at $120 (the cost of a TeddyCon Ticket) that they can use towards our upcoming event. Having your data allows us to match your information into our database so we know you’ll qualify for LegacyVoucher. For more information about LegacyVoucher or TeddyCon, please see our FAQ’s here.

We understand not everyone will want their information in Stromatica’s database. If you are NOT interested in Stromatica, nor taking up our offer of a LegacyVoucher, please click here so we can delete your data from our system. This is a one-time decision. We will erase your data from our records. Once completed, this decision will be final. There will be no way for us to verify you were a valid TeddyCon ticket holder and we will not be able to extend the transfer of the face value of your TeddyCon ticket toward a LegacyVoucher.

The entire team is excited for what the next few months will bring us and hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any ideas for Stromatica, questions or concerns. You can reach us at [email protected].

Speak soon,
Team Stromatica.